Check out the super-talented crafters that will be at our 2015 Spring Craft Fair!:
Amphitrite Studio
Bethany Homecrafts
Breakout Press Co.
C. E. Golden
Cinder + Salt
Collar City Candle
Color Me Happy by Melissa
Cottage Wicks
Creation Dominique
Dash ‘N Drizzle
Dirt Road Designs
Dski Design
Doug Hockman Photography
Dough & Co.
Dulse and Rugosa
Early Bird Designs
Fawn Over Me
Glitter & Bold
Gracemere Woods
Grosbeak Gardens
HD Black Jewelry
Happy Mama Studio
The Healing Zone
Heather Gray Knits
Howard’s Florist
Kate Stephen Jewelry
Knit for a Queen
Little Cat Metals
Lou’s Upcycles
Lupine & Lily
Lyric Hill Farm
Madera Y Metal
Mae’s Crochets
Material Rebellion
Momo Glassworks
Moroccan Pop Decor
The Octopress
Persimmon Pearl
The Posh Robin
Revelry Coffee
Robots Love Dinosaurs
Sarah Kelly Ceramics
Sarah Wormann Art
ShanMan Clay Co.
Tidal Gems
Tiny Anvil
Tiny Giant Design
Tiny Mack
Two Dogs Baskets
Unique Chic Furniture
Winterwoman Designs
Wordcraft Studios